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From Mike Carter

Carter1.jpg (216702 bytes)             Carter2.jpg (91430 bytes)
It's a study. Honest!     Panorama

From Charles Russell

CRbarrier-Jan03.jpg (93180 bytes)         CRdam-Jan03.jpg (110809 bytes)           CRloch-Jan03.jpg (95287 bytes)         CRnotice-Jan03.jpg (33788 bytes) 
Barrier                          Dam                               Lochside                       Notice

 Wade76.jpg (285085 bytes)
Wade 1976

From Iain Huntley-Playle

HPpic2.jpg (71971 bytes)                 HPpic1.jpg (95772 bytes)                    HPpic3.jpg (186018 bytes)
Dall 1972                               Dall 1975                                   Dall 1975

From Phil Stone

Gym Fire 67.jpg (155457 bytes)               Dall67-PS.jpg (56421 bytes)
Gym Fire '67?                       Dall 1966 (or 67?)


From Angus McIntyre

AM-1.jpg (153547 bytes)                      AM-2.jpg (72670 bytes)                            AM-3.jpg (130484 bytes)
Sailing Team                            Wentworth '77                                    School '76
     1977                                                                                       nb: very big file