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Screen grabs from the video ECHOES*
Note: as these are taken directly from video they are mainly low resolution.

VidPic1.jpg (23440 bytes)               VidPic2.jpg (22457 bytes)               VidPic3.jpg (148183 bytes)
Ambi-pure?                         Squirts                                  3 Founders

VidPic4.jpg (25126 bytes)               VidPic5.jpg (26223 bytes)                VidPic6.jpg (23256 bytes)
Quad Erat (NOT Fire service as named by others!)            On Loch

VidPic7.jpg (27199 bytes)                            VidPic8.jpg (26295 bytes)
Take her to sea, Mr Whitworth            MS film (PHW)
Pat & Jane with first-born
head for iceberg on loch.

* "Echoes 3" is now re-issued on DVD
    PAL 52 mins, Dolby Digital sound.

Part one shows archive film from 1962-1967, with introduction by the late John Fleming.
Part two has 3 films from Pat Whitworth (Fire Service/ Mountain Service/ Duke of Edinburgh visit)
and additional material from Bill Jarvis (Fire/rowing/theatre etc)

BONUS SECTION : "Blue Skies Thinking" - you'll love it!

Available by mail order @ 10 (inc postage) in UK or more if you wish to add a donation to the Rannoch Association Trust. For overseas postage please enquire.
Please contact us via the email address.

(3 mins/ 11.8 Mb  Windows media file)

The DVD of the Reunion Dinner  (11.11.06) is now available.
Email for details.