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A new sequence (27) from Jonathan Hall
These are scanned slides (hence quality in places) all from 1968 - 1970


Jon1.jpg (42988 bytes)           Jon2.jpg (44182 bytes)          jon3.jpg (24120 bytes)          Jon4.jpg (57513 bytes)
Bill Jarvis as GM8PX      A Zaluski, Fraser          Doc Wall                     Andrew Velakofski
(Is anybody there?)                                                                             (Chemistry and Climbing!)

jon5.jpg (57023 bytes)          jon6.jpg (34413 bytes)              jon7.jpg (45637 bytes)          jon8.jpg (47604 bytes)
Skating on frozen Res   "A" Team - Zaluski           Bailey in snow gully      AZ + recruits
                                  Fraser, Hepburn, Wadson

jon9.jpg (34747 bytes)          jon10.jpg (40189 bytes)          jon11.jpg (52252 bytes)           jon12.jpg (39107 bytes)
Andre,                         Mitchell in middle          Official filming                Gym Fire
helmet backwards                                        (See also Echoes video)

Jon13.jpg (34689 bytes)             jon14.jpg (39910 bytes)          jon15.jpg (47546 bytes)          jon16.jpg (32062 bytes)
Andre on Skye                  Hanging about above KR (MS practice)             Glen Coe

jon17.jpg (41966 bytes)          jon18.jpg (76219 bytes)          jon19.jpg (34746 bytes)          jon20.jpg (28819 bytes)
Lindsay, Hartley +?      Wadson @ Glen Coe     McInnes Stretcher        Auld Place (atmospheric!)

jon21.jpg (33826 bytes)         jon22.jpg (63971 bytes)          jon23.jpg (47420 bytes)          jon24.jpg (38544 bytes)
Potts/art room              Famous landmark        On top of somewhere    Ruddigore performance
sweet home (ed))

jon25.jpg (41763 bytes)          jon26.jpg (64215 bytes)          jon27.jpg (52486 bytes)
Rugger                        Mitchell @ Glen Coe      Auld Place ('tween trees)


Latest from Philip Hamilton

Pics taken in 2006 - no real comment required.


PHam1.jpg (84775 bytes)       PHam2.jpg (71659 bytes)       PHam3.jpg (65223 bytes)       PHam4.jpg (98204 bytes)


From Simon Maccullagh

Cameron  House '68 or '69