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Photos from 'Haddie' Findlay

HAD1.jpg (74602 bytes)           HAD2.jpg (116848 bytes)            HAD3.jpg (96103 bytes)           HAD4.jpg (134448 bytes)

Cricket                       Athletics -                       Nets                              Caledonian Pine
                                   Colin Whur far R


HAD5.jpg (78094 bytes)            HAD6.jpg (100521 bytes)            HAD7.jpg (102149 bytes)          HAD8.jpg (121318 bytes)

Kinghshouse -                 Dall                             Dall                             Dall
before Aenough
Eagoch ridge


HAD9.jpg (100888 bytes)             HAD10.jpg (91596 bytes)         HAD11.jpg (98874 bytes)           HAD12.jpg (126498 bytes)

Loch                               Enterprise                Enterprise and             Fraser Blake at
                                                                         Wildcat                          Camghouran


HAD13.jpg (48876 bytes)           HAD14.jpg (138195 bytes)                                       HAD15.jpg (115151 bytes)

Fraser-Smith              Pitches - note fence on                        Wog Forrester, Haddie Findlay,
                                    rt. (Before new land bought)                Bonnie Banks, Andy Malan


HAD16.jpg (48211 bytes)           HAD17.jpg (136360 bytes)           HAD18.jpg (142620 bytes)              HAD19.jpg (140634 bytes)

'Pobble' Stoy                Swimming Pool                    Wade under construction


HAD20.jpg (52681 bytes)                   HAD21.jpg (56531 bytes)            HAD22.jpg (60819 bytes)           HAD28.jpg (65866 bytes)

High jump                       Javelin                           Haines' new pup            Nigel Forester


HAD23.jpg (92076 bytes)                                HAD24.jpg (127371 bytes)                                  Had25.jpg (66136 bytes)

Braemar passing Blenheim            Christian Radich                             Norjfjell
in the North Sea                                Oslo


HAD26.jpg (73894 bytes)                               HAD27.jpg (92677 bytes)

Nursery Slope                                 Haddie learning to ski jump


From David Fortune

Wade 1966.jpg (544286 bytes)

Wade 1966