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Pictures from James Chassels

Chas1.jpg (53090 bytes)           chas2.jpg (31855 bytes)        chas3.jpg (35126 bytes)

3 Pictures of Ariadne (beached?)

Chas4.jpg (41086 bytes)        Chas10.jpg (41849 bytes)        Chas5.jpg (63026 bytes)        Chas16.jpg (42320 bytes)

Building new science block                    Colin Whur on           Toboggan run behind school
(Later Potts dorms)                                  toboggan                   (McInnes?)

Chas6.jpg (51249 bytes)        Chas18.jpg (50347 bytes)           Chas7.jpg (46488 bytes)

Craig, Dunthorne     Who's the lady?        D Chassels, S Tindal, L Durward
Prain, Bailey, etc                                         P Campbell, G Harper, R Reid

Chas12.jpg (61466 bytes)         Chas8.jpg (57823 bytes)           Chas17.jpg (59837 bytes)

Outside HM's study     Tug of war               ditto
                                     Dochdo in background

Chas9.jpg (37577 bytes)          Chas11.jpg (54983 bytes)              Chas13.jpg (65848 bytes)

Arthur (Huck) Hulls       Jock MacKenzie        'Pobble' Stoy
                                      wins again

Chas14.jpg (37400 bytes)          Chas15.jpg (53911 bytes)             Chas19.jpg (47984 bytes)

Relay: McFadyen       Roofing Potts studies   Beastie just visible in
Durward, D Chassels    (sth facing - V Hot)    left rear of pic


Chas20.jpg (738605 bytes)

School photo 1962
*NB this is a VERY big file