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From Martin Hunt
**Not high quality as they were scanned from the original contact sheet.

MH-1.jpg (17857 bytes)                 MH-2.jpg (22926 bytes)                  MH-3.jpg (22031 bytes)
Doc Wal + Alf Haines              Ye Olde Tuckeshoppe            Original Ambulance Stn

MH-4.jpg (40770 bytes)                   MH-5.jpg (34489 bytes)                    MH-6.jpg (29760 bytes)
(Original) Potts                         Potts Lawn &                             On Loch
Greenhouse Studies                Art Room
+ PHW house

MH-7.jpg (20855 bytes)
A Cutter above the rest


From Dudley Ells

Gymstack.jpg (29597 bytes) The Remains of the Day: Bits of a life stacked
                           in the Old Gym at around the time of the sale.


From Nik Ranken, mid-May 2004


Rank1.jpg (44406 bytes)      Rank2.jpg (39262 bytes)       Rank3.jpg (36102 bytes)       Rank4.jpg (39050 bytes)


Rank5.jpg (24776 bytes)      Rank6.jpg (28492 bytes)      Rank7.jpg (29627 bytes)       Rank8.jpg (42480 bytes)


Rank9.jpg (38100 bytes)      Rank10.jpg (28407 bytes)        Rank11.jpg (25642 bytes)