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From Simon Stoker

Transparencies taken on Sept 28/29/30 1979, the occasion of the 20th Anniversary.

SS79-1.jpg (20982 bytes)        SS79-2.jpg (14283 bytes)          SS79-3.jpg (15038 bytes)             SS79-4.jpg (18840 bytes)

SS79-5.jpg (13862 bytes)              SS79-6.jpg (25469 bytes)              SS79-7.jpg (15847 bytes)
Pat Whitworth,                    Old Fire Station                 Before that disgusting
David Barry, et al                                                         dung-coloured paint.

SS79-8.jpg (19724 bytes)            SS79-9.jpg (21641 bytes)
Chapel                             Old Boys vs School


May 2001

May2001-1.jpg (46282 bytes)            May2001-2.jpg (55817 bytes)

May 2003

Loch2LR 30.5.03.jpg (53854 bytes)          Loch3LR 30.5.03.jpg (36586 bytes)           Loch4LR 30.5.03.jpg (39481 bytes)                 LochLR 30.5.03.jpg (55730 bytes)
Nth Lochside                                                       Big lump nr KR                       Kinloch

BunrannochLR.jpg (34227 bytes) 
Bunrannoch after the millenium fire.


2nd Sept 2004

2004-Bun.jpg (89184 bytes)                     2004-grass.jpg (63129 bytes)                  2004-Schea.jpg (39216 bytes)  
Remains of a watering hole       Grass grows longer               Brooding Maskylene
What's left of the Bunrannoch


2004-Edrive.jpg (149157 bytes)                2004-mDrive.jpg (77436 bytes) 
DOOM.......                       AND GLOOM
Notices on East and Main drives