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A new collection kindly supplied by Robin Norwell

Nor7.jpg (41963 bytes)                Nor2.jpg (28489 bytes)                      Nor22.jpg (31036 bytes)                                      

To be named                En route to Dalnacardoch          PHW, Hardie, Sinclair,                              
May 61                                     Summer 61                       Tindal. Summer 61 

 Nor5.jpg (61741 bytes)

 Schiehallion  Nov 61

Nor11.jpg (52124 bytes)                 Nor12.jpg (48351 bytes)                     Nor16.jpg (37476 bytes)

McInnes hill Nov 61          Norwell on McInnes              Livingston, Norwell, Howarth
                                            track.  Nov 61                      Thomson, Harper, Tod

Nor18.jpg (42241 bytes)                    Nor19.jpg (45370 bytes)

Waxing up above KR                  Tab Philip, R Norwell 
Norwell, Philip. Nov 61                above loch. Nov 61

Expedition to Pellestova, April 1962

Nor1.jpg (26740 bytes)                  Nor4.jpg (60829 bytes)                  Nor8.jpg (33163 bytes)

Adjustments to                     Norwell                             Transport
Fraser Blake's skis.

Nor9.jpg (20106 bytes)               Nor10.jpg (46583 bytes)                     Nor13.jpg (20367 bytes)

Fred Olsen Lines            G Grant, Neverfjell               Accomodation

Nor15.jpg (42624 bytes)                 Nor17.jpg (46076 bytes)                   Nor20.jpg (32157 bytes)     

Norwell & Haddow,           G Grant, D Haddow           D Haddow heads for New York

Nor21.jpg (37499 bytes)

Fraser Blake on the Blenheim


Nor6.jpg (60682 bytes)                             Nor3.jpg (18553 bytes)

Sth door after a 3-day                  Rannoch Station
blizzard. Easter 63