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Photos from Mike Norwell

MNor5.jpg (62581 bytes)                    MNor4.jpg (63245 bytes)                      MNor3.jpg (67128 bytes)

Sheiahallion                         Rannoch Station                    MN on Ben Lawyers
1967                                       1967                                     Feb 68


MNor2.jpg (55572 bytes)                        MNor1.jpg (69083 bytes)

Hornet, Gull, Firefly                   Rebuilding after Great Storm?
Enterprise. June 68                 B.S. at work   June 68


Photos from Duncan West
(All 1970/71)

West1.jpg (170178 bytes)                  West2.jpg (101676 bytes)                          West3.jpg (190629 bytes)

Potts                                                   Services assembled


Photo from Donald MacPhee

McP1.jpg (87710 bytes)

Dall circa 1968
Peter Orton and Julian Ward