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From Hugh Fell

Fell-Senior Boys  1961.jpg (190081 bytes)       Fell phone box.jpg (58090 bytes)

Senior Boys 1961         That famous phone box!

Fell-1.jpg (1826246 bytes)                        Fell-2.jpg (220396 bytes)             Fell-3.jpg (102924 bytes)           Fell-4.jpg (1224057 bytes)

Expedition to                         Expedition                      Queen's View 1961      1st cottage
Glen Shee       
                                                                                                    towards KR

Fell-5.jpg (704849 bytes)                 Fell-6.jpg (157769 bytes)               Fell-7.jpg (100478 bytes)               Fell-8.jpg (289449 bytes)
Scheihallion                               Bank Holiday  1961.................................................

Fell-9.jpg (172231 bytes)                      Fell-10.jpg (146358 bytes)                  Fell -11.jpg (111055 bytes)
Bank Holiday                       Loch on a rare calm day       Original Jetty

Fell-12.jpg (95860 bytes)                Fell-13.jpg (113312 bytes)                 Fell-14.jpg (118227 bytes)                  Fell-15.jpg (147653 bytes)
Sailing Competition     Fire Service                Original path to Loch            Playing field empties

Fell-16.jpg (138485 bytes)              Fell-26.jpg (118168 bytes)           Fell-17.jpg (137331 bytes)                 Fell-18.jpg (220548 bytes)
        Ali Baba   (Nov/Dec 1962)                    Shakespeare              Cricket vs Gordonstoun

Fell-19.jpg (91127 bytes)            Fell-20.jpg (148746 bytes)              Fell-22.jpg (103525 bytes)                 Fell-23.jpg (123078 bytes)
Haynes Expedition       Burn hopping              On top of                           H Fell, Potts
                                      in winter                         Schiehallion                     (greenhouse studies)

Fell-24.jpg (279779 bytes)                              Fell-25.jpg (180848 bytes)
Firey                                               Winter sports
(early- before tarmac!)


Arial photo (unknown author)

ArialFront.jpg (28901 bytes)     

From Bill Jarvis

Bill1.jpg (74371 bytes)         Bill2.jpg (63451 bytes)     Bill3.jpg (100238 bytes)     Bill4.jpg (73787 bytes)
It's a Tuckshop            Firey                       Services                  Rowers
but not as we know it!

From Richard Paul

Camghouran.jpg (15757 bytes)    KRBridge.jpg (10338 bytes)     

From Jim Holyoake

Hol1.jpg (152177 bytes)         Hol2.jpg (79320 bytes)      Hol3.jpg (104501 bytes)
Sow of Atholl Feb '62    Mike Haines            Rannoch Station (Nearer my God to Thee!)

EGM, May 2003 / Jim Holyoake

EGM-JH-1.jpg (77706 bytes)                                   EGM-JH-2.jpg (56315 bytes)                      EGM-JH-3.jpg (56180 bytes)
Front: John Fleming, Martin Hunt     L-R: J McNie, N Nutt,                     Elizabeth Fleming
Behind: David Dean,                        I & N Duncan, S Stoker                 + Alec Cunningham
Donald Grey-Wilson


From Paul Lennie

Lenn66.jpg (62054 bytes)
School Photo 1966
NB This is a VERY wide pic.

Pictures circa 1965-66

Lennie 1.JPG (93711 bytes)              Lennie 2.JPG (73803 bytes)                            Lennie 3.JPG (99481 bytes)
Garden Classrooms                                          Lochside


Lennie 4.JPG (105320 bytes)                        Lennie 5.JPG (98899 bytes)                         Lennie 6.JPG (79821 bytes)
Arnott                                       Garden Classrooms                         InTents


Lennie 8.JPG (75321 bytes)                            Lennie 9.JPG (90031 bytes)             
Lochside                                       Dall